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Last updated July 31 2020

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1. Contact info
meturi in Instagram
@aitoavioliitto in Telegram

2. Cucumber soup
3 onions
3 fresh gherkins
3 pickled gherkins
4 cloves of garlic
Palm oil
Chili peppers and zeera for spicing
1 liter of water
Smetana (optional)
Cut the onions to tiny cubes. Cut the fresh and pickled gherkins to small pieces, but not too small. Grate the garlic or cut it to tiny pieces. Heat up the cooking pot and fry the onions in excessive amount of palm oil. Then throw the gherkins, grated garlic and boiling water into the pot and mix it. Let it boil at full heat for five minutes. Now add whatever spices you wish to add, lower the heat so that the soup barely boils, and let it stay there under a lid for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve with smetana.
Picture of the dish (7kB)
High-quality picture of the dish (544kB)

3. Texts
EN American Heroes (pdf)
FI Aloe vera
FI Hajoaminen
FI Ihastus itku
FI Kesän loppu
EN New wallet -scam
FI Pieni transu preerialla (pdf)
EN Poetry in English
FI Svea (pdf)

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